Dykkerudstyr – Force Fins nr. 1

Force finner en klar vinder

And the Winner is Force Fin!

Force Fin News Brief
September ’05

Force Fin products take
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th place in Reader Survey evaluations.






Attention Force Finners,
And “the Winner completely and clearly is Force Fin… securely taking first, second, third and sixth place with its Extra Force Fin, Pro Model Force Fin, Excellerating Force Fin and Adjustable Force Fin, respectively,” in evaluations of divers who responded to a joint survey of Tauchen Magazine, Taucher.net and Unterwasserwelt.de. The combined effort of these three publications blanketed the German speaking market of divers with their survey during the month of August. All-in-all 2300 divers responded.
The conclusion of the editors is that the divers who responded to the survey know about which they speak. More than 75% of the respondents have been diving with their fins for more than 1 year, 33% for more than 3 years. 60% of the respondents had tried other fins. 42% of the respondents have been diving for more than 5 years; 20% have more than 10 years of diving experience.
Force Fin has always been popular among technical divers of Germany, those who challenge themselves with rigorous profiles and research their equipment thoroughly. They know what they buy and why they buy it. That may explain why the Force Fin fared so well in the evaluations. Any diver who does his research and is given the opportunity to try Force Fins will clearly make the right choice. The quality and technology far exceeds fins made by any other Company. Force Fins are the only fins that work with divers’ legs to eliminate the main cause of cramping. Force Fins’ patented power and recovery system allows divers’ muscles to recharge themselves with oxygen to burn less air. Force Fin offers a wide variety of models, some of which offer patented variable thrust options, to respond to every divers’ needs and desires. “Its a wonder that the editors expressed surprise at the outcome of the survey,” exclaimed Bob Evans, President of Bob Evans Designs, Inc. and inventor of the Force Fin.
Force Fins are distributed worldwide through an exclusive group of dealers and distributors. You may inquire further by email, contacting Force Fin at 1-800-FIN-SWIM or through forcefin.com.

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